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Rattan Laundry Baskets

A rattan laundry basket is a popular choice for its natural aesthetic, durability, and practicality. Rattan, a type of vine found in tropical regions, is woven to create sturdy and attractive household items. Rattan laundry basket makes your laundry life no longer boring. We have various styles of rattan laundry basket wholesale, including rattan hamper with lid, round rattan laundry basket, wicker laundry basket, etc.

Rattan Laundry Basket Features and Benefits


  ○ Natural Rattan: Eco-friendly, sustainable material.


  ○ Weave Patterns: Different weaving styles, such as open weave, closed weave, or intricate patterns.

  ○ Shape: Round, oval, rectangular, or square.


  ○ Small: Suitable for single individuals or small loads of laundry.

  ○ Medium: Ideal for couples or moderate laundry needs.

  ○ Large: Perfect for families or larger laundry loads.


  ○ Removable Fabric Liner: Protects clothes from snagging and makes cleaning easier.

  ○ Waterproof Liner: Prevents moisture buildup and mold growth.


  ○ Integrated Handles: Woven into the basket for easy carrying.

  ○ Attached Handles: Made from rope, leather, or other materials for added comfort.


  ○ With Lid: Keeps laundry out of sight and helps contain odors.

  ○ Without Lid: Easier access to the basket.


  ○ Natural Finish: Preserves the natural look of rattan.

  ○ Painted: Available in various colors to match interior decor.

Additional Features:

  ○ Ventilation Holes: Ensure air circulation to prevent odors.

  ○ Footed Base: Keeps the basket elevated off the ground for better air flow.


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