We are pleased to offer wholesale rattan and wicker basket options to suit your specific needs and requirements.


When customizing wholesale wicker baskets, providing detailed information to us is crucial to ensure that the final product meets your specifications and requirements.

✔ Quantity: Specify the quantity of wicker baskets you need. This will help the supplier determine pricing and production capabilities.

✔ Size and Dimensions: Provide precise measurements for the width, length, and height of the baskets. Specify whether you need uniform sizes or a mix of sizes.

✔ Design and Style: Describe the design and style preferences for the baskets. This may include details such as the shape of the baskets (round, square, oval, etc.), weave pattern, handle style, and any decorative elements.

✔ Material: Confirm that you want wicker as the material for the baskets. If you have specific requirements regarding the type of wicker (natural, synthetic, colored, etc.), make sure to communicate this to the supplier.

✔ Color: Specify the color or finish you want for the wicker baskets. You may choose natural wicker color, or you might prefer a stained or painted finish. Providing color swatches or Pantone codes can help ensure color accuracy.

✔ Customization Details: If you require any custom features or branding on the baskets, such as logos, labels, or tags, provide clear instructions and artwork files for customization.

✔ Packaging Requirements: Discuss packaging preferences for the wicker baskets, including packaging materials, labeling, and any special handling instructions.

✔ Delivery Timeline: Communicate your desired delivery timeline and any specific deadlines you need to meet. This will help the supplier plan production and logistics accordingly.

✔ Quality Standards: Specify any quality standards or requirements that the wicker baskets must meet. This may include durability, strength, and weave consistency.

✔ Budget: Provide a budget range for the customization project. This will help the supplier propose suitable options that align with your budget constraints.


By providing detailed information on these aspects, you can ensure that we understands your needs accurately and can deliver customized wicker baskets that meet your expectations.

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